My Story with Piano – a Match into the Tank

I clearly remember, I was two weeks before my 32nd birthday when I knew that my wife was trying to hide something from me. That day was Saturday, and I was home. We were eating breakfast as I saw bright sparks in her eyes. She was exited to tell me something but in the same time she was refusing to do it. Her body, her gesture was ready to reveal it, but her mind prohibited her to say it. But I knew that.

Of course, I knew that. We were with each other more than 9 years, and of course, we could read our senses, even without talking about them.

Finally, she couldn’r resist.

  • I have done a bad thing. I want €1000. Don’t ask, just say if you can provide it to me.
  • Sure, I can, but for what?
  • Just don’t ask. Can you?
  • Emmmm, that’s odd. But couldn’t you tell me please…
  • I want to do a surgery.
  • WHAT?

Eyes wide. I couldn’t digest what I had heard. Was she joking? Was there any hidden camera?

  • What?

I replied. And continued,

  • Are you sure? What surgery? Come one, don’t joke. As far as I know, you’re healthy!

I got so anxious, she could read it from my face. She immediately replied:

  • I was joking! What surgery! Who. I just wanted to see your reaction.
  • OK, now it makes sense. But…

I continued, as I wanted to urge her smoothly, talk about what I wanted to hear.

  • But I am sure, quite sure that you want to tell me something. I can read it from your face.

She waited. Probably she was trying to find a way to escape. But there was no!

  • Em, nothing, emmmm
  • Come on, tell me, it’s about some days that you are a bit mysterious. I knew that. I can smell it! Look at me! I can…
  • Ok, retreat! I want to surprise you!
  • What?

Again, eyes wide! She was quite successful to play with me. I knew that from many years we’ve lived together. She smoothly continued:

  • I want to, want to,
  • Come one baby, tell me!
  • I want to propose you in order to register in a piano course,

And I felt that she put an ignited match into the fuel tank of my soul: BOOOOOMMMM

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