Back in 2006, I started my career in studying computer engineering at Shahed University of Tehran. My research career began an investigation of quantum computers. I was so lucky to work under the supervision of Prof. Nasser Mohammadzaheh, who was a successful researcher in quantum computation field.

Right after graduation, I started to study MSc in computer engineering. Having no access to equipped quantum labs, I had to change my field radically, from quantum computation to medical image processing! However, that was a lucky happening for me, because I got introduced to a totally different, new and exciting area of computer engineering. I did my master thesis in retinal image detection under the supervision of Prof. AhmadReza Naghsh-Nilchi. It was a successful collaboration since I resulted in 2 conference papers, as well as 2 journal articles in 2011.

A year after, in 2012, I started my PhD career in the same field, but this time I switched from 2D image to 3D model processing under the supervision of Prof. Helder Oliveira, and co-supervised by Prof. Jaime Cardoso. In 2018, I graduated with a PhD degree, after a successful research on designing “A 3D Planning Approach for Breast Conserving Surgery”.

In mid-2018, I started my career as a research scientist at FARO Technologies. With different titles and degrees, my intention is still the same, “Making the world a better place for all the human beings”.